Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rio Grande Aquarium

Today was one of those days...

I was ready to go out for awhile, but the temperatures
were in the 30's. I did something I do during the hot and cold
temperatures in this city.

I went to the aquarium at the Bio Park.

Near the front opening, there are two tanks
teaching about the fish in the Rio Grande.

Historically, a different type of fish was in the river.

We now have a type of fish who can work with the
pollution and other issues in the river.

Ella is happy that there is more to our aquarium.

She really likes the sting rays!

...and the fish that are with the sting rays.

We walked up the ramp to the top of the sting ray aquarium.
It is easier to see the car crossing the bridge over the Rio Grande.

They have a ship on water out a side door.

We checked out the ship on the water.

There were also ducks in the pond and frozen areas
of water from the recent freezing temperatures.

Snow was on the ship and on the sides of the pond.

We then followed the ramp down into the rest of the aquarium.

The tanks down the ramp are enclosed.

Okay...these are just too cool!

There were some beautiful live pieces in small tanks.

The shark tank is at the end of the aquarium
and is very popular!

Ella enjoyed watching the sharks and other animals
swim around in the largest tank.

The photo below shows how big the shark and sting ray
are while a family watches them.

Our favorite was a turtle. We stayed a little longer
to photograph it before it was time to go home.

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