Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Amaya's Trip to Florida

Since 2006, I have been attending a personal development course
called The Avatar Course.
This year, I attended the course from June 6th-June 14th.

I have used the exercises at home and have found that attending
courses is very helpful for my ongoing growth.
The materials and the people are very wise, insightful,
appreciative, and supportive.

Free information hours are available on course,
in person, through phone or Skype.

This year, the course was hosted at my favorite hotel;
The Lake Mary Marriott
in Lake Mary (Orlando), Florida.

They have a fountain that I have loved since
I first attended a course at this hotel in 2006.
I took a lot of photos of it!

I adopted Amaya specifically as a doll companion
for this trip. I was able to keep her tucked in my bag
during the course day, and my taking her out was not
distracting to other participants.

After looking at and posing in front a printed out version of the
famous fountain while at home, Amaya was eager to see the fountain
in person.

ADAD Not So Shallow
June 6, 2015
The fountain continued to be a center of attention
as I photographed  Amaya in front of it many times.

ADAD I Enjoy
June 11, 2015

We also enjoyed the flowers and small animals that we found there.

ADAD  Young
June 10, 2015

ADAD Color of  Florida
June 11, 2015

We also enjoyed a few days having lunch by the pool.

ADAD Close Up
NO Diving
June 12, 2015

The inside of the hotel was a cool, inviting place to hang out.
One morning before our program started, Amaya came out
to see what our course room looked like.

Later in the week, my group partners took a break for a few minutes.
Amaya came out to see if she could help me with my work.

But, the lobby turned out to be more interesting
from her point of view.

ADAD In the Hotel Lobby
June 9, 2015

There was a cascade of free candy at the counter!

ADAD Celebration
June 8, 2015

There were many table top displays around the hotel.
We loved the orchids!

We also loved the glass art pieces and table displays in several locations.

The course was an amazing course!
I really enjoyed the people and the work I did during the week.
But from a doll point of view, the highlight of the week
was meeting with Tes of Tiny TES.

ADAD Friends
June 14, 2015

I had Amaya and Hitty Jubilee with me.

We met for lunch. 
Tes brought two polymer dolls to meet with Hitty Jubilee,
and two small BJDs for Amaya.
She also brought a Tes robot figure she had created,
and I brought my Littlest Pet Shop Gecko.

After lunch, we went to the fountain,
where Jubilee had taken a dive 3 years earlier.
3 years ago, I posed her on the edge of the fountain,
and she fell directly backward into the fountain.
Once I realized that she suffered no damage and was only
wet as a polymer doll, I laughed.

For this photo, everyone sat or stood near the front edge;
safely away from taking a dive!

After spending some more time outside, we decided
that the air conditioning inside was a much better option!

I custom requested Hitty Jubilee from Paulette Morrissey,
who is Tes' mother, and who created the Little MO line of
polymer dolls. Paulette made a batch of 6 Little MO Hitty dolls
along with Hitty Jubilee. Hitty Tuva was from that batch.
Hitty Tuva now lives with Tes. The two batch sisters
were happy to see each other again!

Meanwhile, Amaya and the small BJDs played at the top
of the table top decoration.
Tes' two girls have Fairyland multi-faces.
They were cute as could be!

Tes and I enjoyed talking in the lobby before it was
time for her leave and me to go to the closing event for the
course, but she is an amazing, kind woman and it was quite
a privilege to meet her and play with her.

Tes is quite talented with polymer. She makes dolls,
robots, pets, and food for dolls. I have several of her doll
sized food items (pizza, cookies, taco and cupcake set).
I have known her online for years, and she even sends me Christmas cards
at Christmas! She has an Etsy store and a website:

Our time in Florida came to an end.

It was time for our flight home on Monday morning.

We arrived safely home by lunch time.

It was time to return to our life in New Mexico!

 But not before some loads of laundry
and catching up on our sleep!


  1. Looks like you both had a fantastic time and what fun to meet up with another dolly person and her doll family too!

  2. What a wonderful tale of your time here! Your hotel really did have some really neat displays in it, I loved all the glass and the flowers. Awww, it is truly an honor to be the dolly highlight of your trip! I was so happy to be able to finally meet you, I feel like we could have sat and chatted for many more hours. We can save some for next time. :) Hitty Tuva was thrilled to see Jubilee again, and all my girls enjoyed climbing around with yours. It was a wonderful afternoon and I really hope we can do it again! Big hugs, and glad you made it home safely! I love the last picture too...perfect shot of a tuckered out little girl after a long trip.