Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Guest Arrives

This year, we have a very special travel doll coming to visit us here in New Mexico! 
We are so excited to meet her in person and to show her a great time 
in the Land of Enchantment! 
Before she left, she told her companions at home to behave 
themselves while she was gone.

Voir is very busy and hard working at  home, 
but she closed up her office and came to visit us! 
We hope she has a wonderful vacation and wonderful adventures with us!

A few days ago, Voir packed her bags and hopped 
on the next USPS airplane out of town.

On Monday, a box arrived.
Ella: Were you expecting something in the mail, Amaya?
Amaya:, maybe I invited someone to visit us.

Voir was disoriented once the box was opened, 
and she found herself to be not at home, 
but was warmly welcomed by Ella and Amaya. 

After Voir had re-oriented herself to her new surroundings, 
she broke the ice by showing Ella and Amaya their hostess gift; a new tipi. 
Thank you, Voir!!! 

Voir showed Amaya how she and Amaya could camp out in the tipi. 
The new tipi will be fun! 

Amaya and Voir found a new Lego train near where Voir was greeted. 
They played with it together. 

Voir started to relax and make herself at home 
while Amaya wandered off to the restroom. 

After some play time and some time to get to know each other, 
Amaya took Voir to the guest room where she will be staying. 
The theme for this room is an 1880's Wild West Hotel Room. 
Voir thought it looked like a nice place to stay 
while on vacation here in New Mexico. 

Voir was relieved to learn that she would have her own private room 
to stay in while visiting this new place. 
She had quietly been wondering where she would be staying, 
but had been too shy to say anything. 

Ella put Voir's belongings away in the tipi for now since the hotel room 
doesn't really have space for them. Ella didn't see a comfort toy or animal for Voir, 
so she borrowed an Only Hearts Club black bear from the boy's room. 
Ella told Voir that it would be like looking at the stars at night. 
Black bears are in New Mexico and in Minnesota. 
The black bear can connect her back to her home. Voir is happily settling in. 

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  1. What a lovely way to be greeted. I am sure Voir will have a super time with Ella an d Amaya.