Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer on the Mesa

Today's ADAD topic is "blue skies".
I looked out my window across the city,
and the valley was in a haze.
So, I drove up to the mesa.

At first, I tried the view to the east.
This is the view from the mesa with the city
tucked into the valley below.

The fence is along the edge of Petroglyph National Monument.
The hill is covered with lava rocks.

I was happy to see that the changing season and last month's
rain have created an environment for the new, green growth
and the field of yellow flowers.

However, this is not a blue sky!

I drove west on the same rural road, crossing the highway,
and pulling over less than half a mile away from this location.

I faced west on the mesa, which is an open area
with a smaller population.

ADAD Blue Sky

It is amazing that facing the opposite direction in the same location
could yield such different results than the view over the city!

Blue, blue sky!!!

And just for fun...
these photos were taken near the intersection
of Rainbow and Universe!!!

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