Sunday, September 27, 2015

Early Signs of Fall

My new camera arrived on Monday,
and due to my work week, yesterday was the first day
I had more time and was available to explore how well it works
in light and in shadows.

I also am really happy that Autumn came to join my life!
She enjoyed the walk outside!
The first thing we noticed was that the rain has brought mushrooms.

I was surprised to find a small twig with large yellow leaves
this early in our season.

The grass is still green and the leaves on most trees are still green.

The light is bright in the middle of the day,
but I can feel and see the changes in light this week.

The leaves on a few of the smaller trees are turning yellow.

It was a lovely morning to walk around outside!

After a day of practicing using my camera and looking up
what each setting can do, I noticed the full moon above the horizon.
I love my 40x zoom and the detail it captured in our autumn moon!

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