Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Morning at the Playground

My photo project of the year
"A Doll a Day"
has gotten me out to places and out at times
I might not have gone out just to get a photo for the day.
Today was an example of going somewhere that I would not have
gone on Sunday morning without this photo project,
but the results were a beautiful blue!

Autumn and Skye opted for a trip to the local park.
It is primarily a sports park for baseball and football,
but it does have a playground and a few seating and table areas. 
There were a few boys playing on the equipment, 
but I had opted to go early enough to avoid
the Sunday afternoon crowds.

Autumn and Skye enjoyed running up and down the wheelchair
accessible ramp to explore other areas on the playground equipment.

Look! We are UP on the equipment!
Do you see the slides behind us?

We are having fun!

ADAD Friends

Can we come back again sometime?

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  1. How fun! And you're right, that blue is absolutely gorgeous! How perfect!