Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Beginning of Autumn

 My Pukifee's wig arrived on Thursday.
With her new look, I was more certain of her name;

She has happily joined Ella and Amaya as
my Fairyland Ante family.

 Friday was one of those days.
I went to work, but I wanted to play with Autumn.
We started the morning with a trip to Einstein's Bros Bagels.

After breakfast at the back kidney table, we returned to my desk.
She wanted to know who sat in the desks.

ADAD In the Background
I tucked her away in my bag by my desk before
the students came in, but when a 7 year old boy
 in my 2nd grade class brought  his stuffed bunny to school today,
I showed him Autumn.  I understood why he had brought his bunny to school,
but we were not going to play with our toys during instructional/learning time.

A girl brought her bear out of her backpack at recess.
Both children took their plush friends to play at recess.
The girl listened when I told her to leave it in the room at lunch,
but the boy took his bunny with him and was better at hiding him
so I would not tell him again and a teacher supervising the cafeteria
would not take it.

They had an hour of pull-outs in the middle of the morning.
I wanted to mark September 11th, but this is what it looks 
like in 2nd grade. They were not born in 2001. It was not the time
for me to discuss what happened on September 11th with them.
Maybe it will be a history lesson in middle school.

Autumn put together the sequencing cards
while I was too tired and too distracted to do my other tasks.

It was finally time to go home and enjoy the weekend!
On Friday afternoon, I trimmed Autumn's bangs.
I photographed them on Saturday.

 I photographed my Fairyland Ante family in the morning light.

I had been tracking a package from Thailand.
It was tracked on Friday as being "out for delivery",
but it was not in my mailbox on Friday. I checked my
manager's office, where packages are held for apartment residents,
before going to the post office. I found out that my package had
ended up on the wrong mail carrier truck and had visited the neighboring
town. Fortunately, the supervisor retrieving packages for customers
was able to find it. So, my newly arrived Autumn has a newly arrived wig
and sandals, and a newly arrived outfit from Thailand.


After enjoying her most of the day,
I decided to trim the ends on Autumn's wig. I had been considering
purchasing another wig, preferring more of a bob.

She finally has the look I have wanted for her!
She may end up keeping this wig and her original blue eyes!

Isn't she cute?!!!!

Before and After
the haircut

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