Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cider Festival at Heritage Farm

Our Bio Park hosts an annual Harvest Festival at the Botanic Garden.
In recent years, it shifted from being labeled a "Harvest Festival",
to being labeled a "Cider Festival".
I have looked forward to it for several weeks!

We got an early start to our morning.
One exhibit area in the Botanic Garden is Heritage Farm.
Heritage Farm has a 1920's-40's adobe farm house, 
a barn with animals, and a red produce barn that is only open during this event.

The property has an apple orchard, but the apples from
their orchard are combined with other apples to produce fresh,
unpasteurized cider.

Autumn was happy to be one of the first visitors,
arriving before they started processing apples for cider at 10 am. 

The apples were ready!

 The workers ran the apples down a conveyor belt.
where the apples were then washed.

A variety of apples were used to balance the flavor in the cider.

They were processed behind the first conveyor belt
and ground into cider.

When we left this room, it was shortly after 10 am.
There was a line out the door into the room where they sell cider.
I was there early to buy a gallon before they sold out,
but was not ready to purchase it like people with strollers or wagons
were doing.

We moved toward the Heritage Farm House.

They had an area near the kitchen where children
could peel apples on an older kitchen device.
They also had quilters inside.

We walked back toward the barn where the animals live.

As we walked around the barn,
we found the cow happily on a section of the acre field.

Chickens were out in the back of the barn.

 Back in front, we heard a clicker device used in training animals.
The goat was painting on a canvas with a trainer.
This was one advertised event. I was told that the goat
enjoys doing this. It hopped up on a ledge in its pen
and wagged its tail.

There were other vendors setting up, including those
for food and wine. We were more interested in the sights,
and buying cider before they were out.

We visited Sasebo Japanese Garden,
which is the exhibit next to the Heritage Farm.
We were eager to see how fall was arriving in the garden.

ADAD Around Me

The light, the greens, and the yellows were a beautiful
shift into fall. They also reminded me of Autumn's hoodie!

After our visit, we walked back to the produce barn
and purchased a gallon of fresh apple cider.
I am sure we will both enjoy the cider, and visit again soon!

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