Saturday, October 3, 2015

Colors of Fall

Fall has officially arrived!
New Mexico has apples and pumpkins like
many U.S. states, but hot air balloons and red chile
are also a sign of fall in New Mexico.

I decided that today was the day to buy my larger pumpkin
from Wagner Farms, who also roasts green chile,
and sell red chile ristras and other fruits and vegetables.

Can we buy a ristra?

No, we are here for a pumpkin.

How about this pumpkin?

It definitely had my attention, but it was too big
for what I wanted to buy, carry, or display on my small balcony.

Are you sure we can't buy this pumpkin?

How about this one?

A little small and bumpy on the backside.

Pumpkins are so interesting!

Pumpkins lined the corrugated wall where
the roasters roast green chile. The red chile
is seen in the background.

Yeah...but are we going to get a pumpkin?

How about one of these?

I see one! This one is it!!!!

It is starting to sprinkle rain. We found what we wanted,
let's go pay for it and go home!

Wagner Farms only accepts cash as payment.
I had $20. When I found out that the pumpkin was only $5,
I ended up spending $10 more on a mini ristra.
I have had them on a wall for years, but I replace them
every two years since chile dries out and turns
a darker color. I did what my students often do when
buying souvenirs on a field trip. Buy the first item.
Find out how much money you have left, then spend it!

I love fall in New Mexico!
Red chiles and orange pumpkins are fabulous fall colors!


  1. You make Fall in New Mexico look particularly beautiful with your wonderful photos! You are becoming quite a super awesome photographer! Very nice! I could almost smell the chilies!! (Looking forward to seeing what becomes of your pumpkin also.) :)

    1. Thanks! I love my new camera. It was well worth it. I really like the pumpkin I purchased, but now I am wishing I had bought the bigger one! There will be more photos with my pumpkin display.