Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Want Candy!

October 20, 2015

Where is the candy?
Haven't you bought any Halloween candy yet?

ADAD Upside Down
So when will you buy candy?

When is Halloween? Maybe we will get candy then!

October 21, 2015

Meanwhile, I bought a bag of candy before work the next morning.
I am a special education teacher with eight 2nd grade students,
and one large Domo in the drawer where I keep my personal things.

I won't say I wasn't warned, but the candy in this bag
disappeared pretty quickly.

October 24, 2015

Early Saturday morning, I took a trip to Target
and their candy section.

I enjoyed their Halloween decorations before checking out
with my purchases.

I bought a few bags of my favorite candy

and a plastic witch cauldron to hold it.

Mind you, I don't have trick or treaters visiting
my apartment complex. They go into local residential neighborhoods.
I do have eight 7 year olds I can bribe...uh... provide an incentive
for doing their work, but this will probably stay at home for my
enjoyment during the next few weeks.

You finally bought candy for us!!!!

I also found my doll sized party-favor witch cauldron.

Autumn showed off her new "green witch" costume
with the cauldron of new candy.

ADAD Brand New
Amaya decided that she would much rather
be the queen of the full sized candy filled cauldron.

Happy Halloween Week!


  1. I loved it! Your kids will have fun on Halloween night - here - we go through $75.00 worth of candy within an hour and shut the lights off - they ship the kids to our street every year - have you ever seen 25 kids come out of a mini-van? It's not a pretty site.

  2. I spent $75 on Autumn and Amaya's costumes. I bought them Halloween costumes because we are going to a BJD party today (blog entry tonight or tomorrow). I am glad that Autumn's outfit, labeled as a "green witch", really fits and works on her as an autumn elf. She will wear it many times! Ella has a traditional witch costume I have had for years and that has been worn by other dolls of similar size.

    I have spent about $20 on candy and the witch's cauldron. If I end up not wanting it, I will take it to my classroom to motivate and reward students for a day or two. And OMG on the mini van with 25 kids! Our 2nd grade classrooms have around that many students! I have taught special education for so long, that a full sized class is a lot of kids! I only have 8!

    I live in an apartment complex on a hill with buildings that have stairways. We also have low income (and unsafe) neighborhoods in the city, and those that are in more rural areas without sidewalks. It is not uncommon for people in less ideal areas to visit family or friends and go out in more ideal neighborhoods for the experience.

    It is a more enjoyable experience for families to walk around neighborhoods with sidewalks and houses and that are decorated and socially prepared for their visit. I went out trick-or-treating with my brother, his wife, and my 9 year old nephew a few years ago. It is definitely more fun when the neighborhoods have decorated houses, people getting together, and people who are prepared to pass out candy!