Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Day

Round One

Three inches of snow fell overnight.
The school district I work for called a 2-hour delay.

Although it is a great day for yesterday's ADAD theme
of "cold", it also works for today's theme: thankful.

I am thankful that I did not have to drive to work
early in the morning with ice and snow on the roads.

I took Ella outside for a snow photo before my
expected time to leave for work.
Often, when we have snow fall during the night
it melts by the time I get home from work in the afternoon.
The best snow photo would be before work.

ADAD Thankful
ADAD 57: 2/27/15

Lesson 1:
This southern Californian put on her coat to go out for these photos,
but neglected to wear gloves or mittens.
It got cold really quickly.
My fingers started to go numb and turn red.
I know that feeling.
We went inside without any "playing in the snow" photos.

Round Two

Shortly after 8:30, the school district changed
the 2-hour delay into a cancellation.
For most elementary and middle schools in the district,
it was a parent-teacher conference day.
The school cancellation was a relief for high school students,
students on the alternative calendar, families and staff.

I started to look for my mittens.
I swear I have some...where are they?
In an uh...duh! moment, I remembered where my favorite
mittens had been stored.
In my coat pocket!
The same coat I had worn out earlier.
So, with mittens and coat on,
I took Ella out for more snow fun.

My sled is sinking in the snow!!!
How are you supposed to ride this thing?

There is enough snow to make a snow angel!

I can make a snowman!

How does he get eyes and a nose like our snowman,
Chile the Snowman?

I have a big snowball!!!!

Lesson 2:
Heavy jackets can be bulky and restrict movement.
Ella sat down to play with the snowball because I could not
get her to hold it properly.
The jacket was too bulky!

I noticed that Ella was getting wet
and my feet in sneakers were getting cold.
It was time to go inside.
There probably is a reason why they cancel
school on days like today.

I am thankful that the 2-hour delay was
changed to a full cancellation!

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  1. Two years ago tomorrow we had a heavy snowfall overnight here in sunny Spain, which brought down our pergola.....if I'd gone outside that day, I'd never have found my gloves because I never owned any until last year! And now if it snows, I actually can only find one of those gloves!!!!! So lets hope it doesn't happen again this year!!!
    Love the photos of the snow and Ella doing her snow angel, but oooooh too cold for me!!