Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Afternoon at the Zoo

During the past week or so,
many of our afternoons have warmed up
to beautiful spring-like temperatures.
It was time to give up the winter cabin fever
and go to the zoo!

We were thrilled to find purple potted pansies
near the zoo entrance!

The flamingos are also near the zoo entrance.
As a sign of winter, the grass growing on their island
is still more tan than green.

The polar bears are our favorite!

They were not as active and interesting for photos today.

The lions were more active for photos when we walked by.

Today's ADAD theme is "In the Distance".
In the distance, we watched the kangaroos eating.

The community of chimpanzees sat near the window.
The one closest to the window was holding a baby
that is a few months. His fingers and toes were so precious!

I love the extra decorative touches at the zoo 
that create a certain feel.
Ella posed on a large cottonwood root.

The area housing the animals for Africa has many
painted and decorative pieces along with the animal exhibits.

The giraffes are on the main walkway through the zoo.
I love the little huts!

The giraffes seemed to be resting.

The elephants were not interested in having their picture taken,
but there are a few old lanterns hanging near their exhibit.

I love the signs of spring!

I love the extra color!

We visited the inside exhibit area for Tropical America.
It houses monkeys, birds, fish, and turtles.
It is hot and humid compared to the outside arid environment.

The toucan sat more still than the small monkeys!

Ella found a fish ready to join her in her photo.

I found the birds of prey to be really interesting today.
A zoo keeper came in to clean the enclosures,
and some of the birds became more active.

The vultures, which I don't usually notice,
ended up being my interesting animal of the day.

They sat quietly,

yet spread their awesome wings!

Sometimes, it can be helpful to look at something differently.

For more photos, please visit my Flickr album
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  1. What a great day you had! Lots of interesting animals and nice weather. It is really cold where we are with lots of snow. We are looking forward to Spring for sure. I just want to say that Ella wears the cutest clothes ever! She is always well dressed.
    Hugs from Isabelle and Sam