Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Sky is Falling!!!

New Mexico is known as being an arid region.
The temperatures in the Albuquerque metro area
are below freezing at least overnight during the winter,
but we normally don't have the precipitation to get snow.

We may get an inch or two of snow a few times a year, but it quickly melts.
The snow fell during the early morning hours on Friday,
cancelling school.

Even my car parked under a car port
has a layer of snow on it!

It snowed periodically throughout the day and overnight,
creating a situation we rarely see; snow accumulation!!!

A few more snow-experienced souls have ventured out.
The grocery store and restaurants are across the street.

I have lived here for 15 years and have not seen this much snow!
We must be at 6 to 12 inches!
It is very fascinating, and very cold!

Photo of the bushes below my 2nd floor apartment.
View from my balcony looking down.

I took Ella out on my balcony.
There was enough snow for her to play in the snow on my balcony,
but posing for a few quick pictures was enough for her.

I'm cold! I'm going in!!!

The snow looks really deep!

We ventured out the front door and down the stairs.

Ella posed again by the railing at the bottom of the stairs.

There is a snow drift on the grass behind her.

There is a lot of snow!!!
Those of us who live here are convinced
that it is the end of the world.
We are trapped!!!!

The snow on the grass went up to her thighs
which is about 4 inches. 

I shuffled my feet through the snow, 
and stood Ella where I had "plowed" the snow.
With my shuffling, the snow depth was about 7 inches
up her back and toward her shoulders.

My glove-less hands
got that red, and biting cold feeling again,
and my feet in my sneakers weren't thrilled, either.

So much for our quick excursion out into the snow.

The expected high temperatures for today are 53 degrees.


By 11 am, the snow was beginning to melt.
There was a stream running down the parking lot.

The cement steps were still covered in snow, but more
people were beginning to come and go.

The place where I had walked out over the snow covered
grass and posed Ella was visible.

I ventured out to lunch since my car was not on ice,
there were no snow piles blocking my car,
and people seemed to be able to drive.

When I returned from lunch, the cement steps and stairway were clear.
I don't know if the snow had melted or if they had been swept.

By 2 pm, it was 41 degrees.
The area where I had walked early was widening
as it melted.

The parking lot was clear, but there was still snow on the grass.
Cars that had not been used had layers of snow melting off of them.

I have started to take photos of Ella on the slope over this
railroad tie wall. It is where I photographed her yesterday
with the sled, snowman, and snow angel.
This location allows me to stand up and still photograph
her from closer to eye level.

We could go out for more snow play,
but it really is just cold and wet right now.

The snow is dripping off the roof.
It has melted from the wood stump and most of my balcony.

The place Ella stood in snow this morning
is drying off for another day in New Mexico.

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