Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Tree House Part 2

I did some more work on Ella's tree house today.

I made a railing along the front and the sides,
and purchased a 24 inch parrot ladder.

The right side of the house has a table and stool
made from tree blocks.

The left corner has a bench made from tree blocks.
I also purchased two small silk plants from the floral
section of the craft store and glued them with hot glue
and small rocks into a small pot.
The new plant works well in this corner!

The tree house is not glued to the base on the tree trunk.
It looks really cool when assembled, but is not stably balanced for active play.
I also prefer to store them separately.

I love my San Diego postcards.
They add a lot of color, but they can be changed should I want
to put up different images or items.

This has turned into Ella's private and special place
made just for her.

But, I bet she'll invite others in to visit from time to time.

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