Saturday, April 4, 2015

Amaya's Big Adventure

Today was a big step in little Amaya's life.
It was her first big outing out in the world.
We went to the Botanic Garden to enjoy the spring flowers
and the trains.

Umm..I am standing in dirt among the flowers.
Are you sure this is okay?

Amaya made a face at me when she realized
that she was standing in wet flowers.

Seeing the beautiful flowers was a great way to celebrate
Easter, which is tomorrow.

I found a small sun dial.
Amaya thought that was a much better place
to stand than in the dirt.

ADAD On Top Of

After walking past the pond,
we found our way to the model trains.

Amaya especially liked the trains!

 Can I ride on the train?
That looks like fun!

I thought of asking the men operating the model trains
if I could at least pose Amaya on the trains,
but I decided on another option.

I had counted my coins in my coin jar
and purchased a ticket to ride on the Rio Line!
(It took all of $2 for the train ticket.)

The Rio Line train carries visitors between the Botanic Garden
to the Rio Grande Zoo. It travels past Tingley Beach, which
is on the same Bio Park property between the two locations.

We sat in the open car for the best view.

 The train leaving the Botanic Garden toward the zoo
starts out by going under Central Avenue,
also known as Route 66.

Tingley Beach is on the other side of Central.
We got to see the model boats Ella and I missed on Thursday.

We passed the other train at the Tingley Beach station.

The train continued through Tingley Beach.

A few minutes later, we entered the zoo.

I was the only passenger on this trip who stayed on the train
at the zoo as I was just in it for the train ride.

The train reloaded with passengers at the zoo
going to the Botanic Garden.

As we looped around, we saw the train that runs within the zoo.

We passed the other train at Tingley Beach
returning in the opposite direction.

The train passes the Botanic Garden station
and loops back around through the Botanic Garden
in order to end up facing back out of the park again.

As we went through Heritage Farm on the train,
I noticed that the apple trees had pretty blossoms on them.
I decided that I needed to walk back to see them once
getting off of the train.

We walked back to the Heritage Farm area.
The trees and flowers had grown in front of the produce barn
in just a few weeks!

Produce Barn

Produce Barn

We passed the farm house and headed out toward
the animal barn.

The Rio Line train went through the orchard
just like it had when we had been on it a short time before!

The apple tree blossoms were beautiful!

We ended our trip at the Botanic Garden
by visiting the Sasebo Japanese Garden exhibit.

Amaya posed on the edge of a nest
that I know to be long vacated.

Our walk through the Japanese Garden didn't take too long.
I usually spend a long time in this area,
but by the time we arrived, it was long past lunch.
It was time to go.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter
and a happy spring!

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