Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wild West

The west can still be a wild place to live!
Gusty winds are a sign of spring in New Mexico.
Signs are posted across open and corridor highways
to warn drivers of the wind that may impact the driving conditions.

I printed out the above sign to use as a background
for my ADAD photo on the topic of signs.

A friend on Facebook brightened the sign from my printed version
and added the blowing tumbleweed through Photoshop.
Yeah, add some dust, and it is pretty much like that!
I try not to run over tumbleweeds that are higher than the grill of my car.

Today's ADAD topic of "friends" also has taken a Western turn.
I created a Western themed background with props for a checkers game
between friends.

KC, a gnome created by Paulette Morrissey in her Little Mo line,
was so happy to find a friend who likes to play checkers at much as he does!

He was so happy about his new friend....

...that I don't think he noticed, or minded that Amaya was winning.

Meanwhile, neither of them noticed that the cat was contemplating
which checkers to knock off the board to play with.

After KC left, Amaya wanted to continue to play
in the Western themed space.

Dancing or Attitude?

How about some Western themed portraits?
I love her new face up!

You know it is spring in the west when you find tumbleweeds
blown against the barbed wire fence.

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