Monday, April 6, 2015

What Water?

Today's ADAD topic is "water".
My first thought was "What water? This is New Mexico!"
I thought of walking down the trail to the Rio Grande,
but have recently photographed the Rio Grande.

I drove up the highway to the Open Space Visitor's Center,
which I have never visited.
Maybe they would have a shorter trail to the Rio Grande.
I was surprised to see a pond next the parking lot.
Hey, this is water!

According to the sign, it is a Perennial Marsh most active
March through October.
It sounds like it has just been re-filled!

The breeze blew ripples across the marsh.

We watched two ducks.

And I took a few photos of Ella sitting on the fence post.
After all, with the wind, it was not safe to have her stand.

I stepped back a little further..

ADAD Water

...and the wind blew Ella off of the fence post.
She landed with a thud!

Fortunately, she was okay.
So, do not stand or sit where you cannot fall.
But, be willing to explore new places and open to new discoveries!

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