Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring in the Bosque

It has been several weeks since we took the  "high road" (bridge)
over the Rio Grande, observing how brown it still was
when the watered and landscaped areas in the city were turning the colors of spring.

Today's ADAD was "a favorite place",
so we went back to see if the forest along the Rio Grande
had started to turn green.

The trail head features log carved sculptures
honoring the fire fighters who saved the bosque
from a fire in 2003.

I was happy to see that many of the trees and plants
were starting to turn green.

La Llorona, the weeping woman,
seemed a fitting background with the gray sky.

Ella was happy to be getting out to visit one of our favorite places.

 We continued down the trail to the Rio Grande,
noticing the contrast between the leaves and plants turning green
and those that were still brown and dry.

For our last Rio Grande adventure, we had walked on the
guarded sidewalk on the bridge.
Today, we took the trail at ground level along the bridge.

It is interesting to now have viewed the river
from both perspectives.

Do you see the green leaves on the big trees?
We may have to go back when the skies are blue
to get a brighter view of this natural trail site and the river.

Ella stopped to pose on a log.
Now do you see the green leaves?

There was lots of grass and other small plants
creating green growth on the ground.

Very tiny yellow flowers were a cheerful surprise
in our quest for spring along the bosque!

In a short time, we reached the Rio Grande
and noticed the predominance of trees turning green
to the north of the bridge.

We walked down the trail facing south along the river
to go to our favorite river viewing site.

We saw the viewing areas on the bridge
that we had refused to walk on a few weeks ago.

They were, of course, made for heavy traffic
and logically will hold however many people will fit on them.
Fears can be funny that way.

The Rio Grande flowing south was active,
but not as clear as it appears when the sun is bright
and the skies are blue.

The brown in the river seemed to match the gray in the sky.

The green in the growing bushes were undaunted by the 
cooler weather and gray skies.

The geese down the river didn't seem to mind.

After a few more moments of reflection and appreciation,
we headed back on the more direct trail along the bridge.

Look at the smaller trees turning green!

The leaves look so fresh and new!

It was time to come up with an ADAD photo for today.
The trail head park, the trail, and the river are all a part
of one our favorite places!

ADAD: A Favorite Place

It is fun to have special places to watch the changing seasons!

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  1. It certainly looks like things are coming back to life won't be long before everything has gone green I'm sure!