Sunday, March 22, 2015

Crossing the Rio Grande

Today's ADAD prompt is "A Landscape".
Since it is Sunday, I had the time during the day to go in search
of a photo of our local landscape.

I ended up going where I have never gone before;
over the bridge to photograph the Rio Grande.

This section is over the trail I have periodically
enjoyed walking with Ella.

This time, we took the "high road".

The larger trees have not yet begun to regrow green leaves.

There was a fire in this area in 2003.
The blackened areas of some trees are still visible from
this higher vantage.

After walking on the pedestrian sidewalk on the bridge
for a few minutes, we arrived at the river.

There are several overlook points over the river.
I looked down the grating, and was not brave enough
to walk out on it.
The signs had some information about the animals found in the
bosque around the river.

North Side of the Bridge

We continued out toward the middle overlook point.

The Rio Grande is a seasonal river,
relying on the snow melt from the northern mountains
in the spring and summer to gain the heavier stream
that is then used to water crops.
It looks like it is beginning to become more active.

I don't know what kind of tree this is, but the
fluorescent green was a surprise!

The Middle Overlook

Gazing at the Rio Grande

After some more pictures, we turned around and headed back.

How is this for a landscape?

ADAD A Landscape

As we watched the river, a kayak with an adult a child
floated out from under the bridge.

That was another surprise!
I have not seen kayaking in this area of the Rio Grande.

Another family stood along the river banks
where I have stood with Ella to photograph the river.

We passed the arroyo as we came closer to the trail head.

I had parked in the trail head parking lot.

This is the same place where the log sculptures
were carved as a tribute to the firefighters who preserved life and property
in the 2003 fire.

That was fun.
Can we do it again sometime?


This entry from last September shows our walk on the path
along the bridge toward the Rio Grande.
and the middle overlook point from ground view:


  1. I enjoyed your adventure very much! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. Another nice blog post, Tracy and Ella, which I've enjoyed very much. It's funny but when I think of the Rio Grande I think a massive raging river, it was amazing to see how gently it was flowing past at the moment, and seeing the people kayaking like that!
    I live and learn!
    Hugs Sharon