Monday, March 30, 2015

Amaya's Face Up

I liked Amaya's original Fairyland face up, 
but it went downhill after I changed her eyes and trimmed the bangs on her wig. 
I used the wrong eye putty for this size doll, and used Q-tips and paper towel bits to try and clean her eyes, which also wiped off her lower right eyelashes. 

I brushed away the trimmed hairs from her face, and her lip paint also chipped. 
I noticed that photos of her did not look as good as I would like. 
I touched up the black inner eyeliner that had flaked off. 
I tried to do her lips, but it was also not what I was looking for. 
I wiped off her lips, and I sent her to a less expensive face up artist who had been recommended wanting her lips to be touched up and her eyelash lines redone. 

I don't think the first person listened to what I wanted 
and her face up was not what I was looking for. 
I sent her to someone with more experience who did a much better job 
listening to my desire for a natural look and being able to provide it. 
I am still having my moments where it looks cinnamon and not as pink as I think I would prefer, but most of the time it is a soft, natural look. 

Top Row: 
1. December 22nd (day of arrival) 
2. December 27th (day of wig arrival) 
3. January 3rd (wig trim) 
4. March 29th (new face up and wig)

Bottom Row: 
5. February 5th (my attempt to repaint her lips, lower lashes flaking off) 
6. February 8th (wiping off my attempt to redo lips) 
7. February 21st (home from first face up-not what I was looking for) 
8. March 25th (day of arrival with new face up).

I don't know if this kind of deterioration is typical of Fairyland face ups, 
or if it was done too quickly and not set properly. 
I certainly am having the "what was I thinking?" moment 
with her cut bangs and face up flaking off.
I am REALLY glad I had her face up redone and replaced her wig.

I am having a lot of fun getting to know her again.

I am also having a lot of fun with close up portrait photos
showing off her new face up.


  1. I like her new face-up! Personally I like it better with less pink, but that is just me.

  2. I had gotten used to the Fairyland pink, but now it looks more mass produced than artist produced. I really like the effect of having her face up hand done by someone with experience in this size doll. She looks really good.