Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where I Live

The floor at the entrance of the new Albuquerque Museum exhibit
"Only in Albuquerque" is a Google style map.

This was the most unexpected and fascinating part of the exhibit.
The noticeable, wide brown line from the top to the bottom
of the photo is the Rio Grande as it runs through Albuquerque
from the north to the south.

I followed the river and the main roads and found where I live!!!

It has been fun thinking about what my neighborhood really looks like.

I live at the intersection of two highways,
which are visible in the image; next to Ella's right hand.

The horizontal line at the bottom of the above photo is an arroyo.

To the left of the road on the map and above the arroyo (west)
is the trail head with the log sculptures.
If you look carefully at this area on the map,
there is a trail loop that is visible in the corner
between the arroyo and the road.

September 13, 2014

November 9, 2014

When I look at the map below,
the clusters of trees are hardly big enough to be noticed.
The area on both sides of the road between the Rio Grande
and the arroyo look much more like the dirt lot, 
which is seen toward the bottom left section before the arroyo.
The trees further north (to the right in the same section)
are much more apparent and abundant.

There was a big fire in 2003 around the bridge and in the area
where the trees are not as apparent.
The carved logs at the trail head are a tribute to the fire fighters who saved

It is really interesting to see this large sparse area
on the map compared to the surrounding areas in the bosque.
It does not look this sparse from the trails in person.

There is a bridge across the Rio Grande, and thus, the road
across the river on the map.

September 13, 2014

November 9, 2014
The photo below was taken to the north of the bridge.

I don't know what time of year, or what year,
the map on the floor represents,
but there are trees regrowing in this area.

September 13, 2014

November 9, 2014

Rio Grande

September 13, 2014

Rio Grande Through Albuquerque
Online Images

I suppose the map on the floor connected to the museum exhibits
is so fascinating because everyone who lives here has stories to tell.
The map connects people to the geography, the city, the people,
and the stories and memories we have to share.


  1. I love maps, I would spend all day looking at a big one like that on the floor of the museum! I also like the Google maps where you can see houses close up. Sometimes when I'm missing my mum in the UK, I will go and look at the front of her house on the Google map! LOL....yes, I'm nuts!!! ;)
    Hugs Sharon x

  2. PS meant to say, you live in a lovely area!