Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Celebration

Yesterday was the vernal equinox, bringing in the first day of spring.
Today we celebrated the first day of spring with a trip to the Botanic Garden.

Main Garden Areas


The ground fountain was turned on with a stream spraying high in the air!

The planter fountain had not been turned on yet,
but flowers were growing in the planter sections.

I love the spring flowers in the planters and in the landscaping!
They are such a beautiful reminder of the season!

A choir of daffodils?

Look how big these are!

The Central Pond

Many visitors enjoyed the area around the pond
and the ducks, geese, turtles, and fish that live in it.

Trails Toward the Back Exhibit Areas

The permanent areas of the Botanic Garden with the native species
of plants and trees demonstrates that we are still in a desert.

But, even the desert can come to life!

Path the Heritage Farm Exhibit

Heritage Farm

The red produce barn actively produces apple cider
and similar products sold during their Cider Festival Weekend.

Ella at last year's Cider Festival/About Heritage Farm

This exhibit area has a working farm with livestock
and crops used to feed some of the zoo animals.

The farm house is a model of a 1940's farm house
along the Rio Grande.

The leaves on the trees are growing!

Sasebo Japanese Garden

This Japanese Garden exhibit area was developed
and designed by a professional designer of Japanese gardens.
I love how some Albuquerque trees and plants shine through
in the Japanese design.

A pond with a waterfall is at the center of the exhibit
with the paths wrapping around it. 

A man walked up to the platform and had pellets
that seemed like they were actual fish food instead of just bread
that most visitors feed the fish.

I found this tree with large pink blossoms to be stunning!

A maintenance worker turned off the waterfall
and the water features while I was in this area.
I asked him about it, and he turns it off every weekend
for a time to clean the filters.

I ended up not taking photo of the water features

since the water was off.

However, there was still lots to see!

The water was turned back on before I left the area.

The Central Pond

The Mediterranean Green House

Waiting for the Rio Line Train
to pass on its tracks beyond the fence.

Turtles in the Pond

Sculpture in the Pond

The Rio Line Train
takes visitors between the Zoo and Botanic Garden.
Watching it pass by was a fitting end to our visit.

With the arrival of spring,
I know we will be back soon!


  1. That must have been a wonderful day. Inkeri wants to go to the Botanical Garden, too, so I have to see if we can make it this week. Maybe on tuesday or thursday.
    The tree with the beautiful pink flowers is a magnolia, btw.

  2. Gorgeous photos! It really looks like spring has sprung in Albuquerque! Enjoy!
    Hugs xx