Thursday, April 2, 2015

Not Quite Natural

It was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the nature
at our man-made fishing ponds called "Tingley Beach".

There are four ponds.
The first pond to the north is for model boating.
Visitors also feed the ducks and geese.

The second pond is the children's fishing pond.
It is for children under 12 to fish with minimal assistance.

I love the man-made rock fountain at the north end of the children's pond.
It is the perfect size for my dolls to visit a "lake" in the mountains!

In nice weather, there are always children climbing all over it.
When I didn't see or hear any children on it,
I thought the water had been turned off.
I was delighted when the fountain was on and the children were off!

This is the southern facing view of the children's pond
from the fountain.

This is the other side of the fountain.

As I placed my attention on the fountain and taking photos of Ella,
two boys fishing nearby started climbing on the fountain.
Place your attention on something long enough,
and it draws the attention of others.

As soon as I walked away from the fountain, so did the boys.
This is the children's pond facing north towards the fountain
at the end.

The third pond is the main fishing pond.
It is also large enough to host paddle boats in the summer.

Yesterday, I was thinking about the model boats,
and I ended up remembering the day my Lati Green, Mikayla,
stood on the concrete wall by the pond and fell face down. 
She chipped her nose, which changed the way I interacted with her.

This is when I came up with the doll motto
"Do not stand where you cannot fall."
A few minutes later, Ella demonstrated this motto
as a breeze pushed her over in the planter.
No harm done. Just had to brush off her hair.

Tingley Beach has a building that sells snacks for people,
fishing licenses and bait.

This is also the location of a train station for the Rio Line Train.
The Rio Line carries passengers between the zoo and botanic garden.
When the Rio Line first opened, visitors could also buy passes
and take a round trip ride from this station.
They are not currently offering that route.

I captured on video two of the Rio Line trains passing each other

The main pond has an island in the middle of it,
which many ducks and geese seem to enjoy.

The south end of the main pond has a large tree root
tipped over on its side.
I believe it is a cottonwood tree.

I love the shapes and patterns in this tree root!

My inspiration for visiting Tingley Beach today
was the ADAD them "Natural".
After some thought, this is what I wanted to photograph.

ADAD 92: Natural
ADAD 92: 4/2/15/ Natural/Not Quite Natural 
It was a beautiful spring day to get out and enjoy nature. 
We visited the local man-made fishing ponds. 
Ella enjoyed sitting in a large tipped over tree trunk 
framing the man-made pond in the background. 

The waves on the tree trunk have always reminded me
of the waves in the layers of canyon rocks in the southwest.

I enjoyed getting out and noticing how spring has been coming along.
The sky is blue and the trees are turning green!

The fourth pond is to the south of the main pond.
It is a fishing pond, but it tends to be used more by men
who prefer the quiet of less social activity.
Most fishermen are by themselves at this pond.

I walked to the south end of this pond because
there is a small fountain.

There is also a rock near the fountain
that the turtles like to sit out on.

This turtle enjoyed this rock.

A few minutes later, I enjoyed the turtle
diving back into the water and swimming off.

I also enjoyed the fountain.

Another train went by as we were still near the fountain.

I continued walking around the fourth pond in a loop
 back toward my parked car at the north end
of Tingley Beach.

East Side of the Main Pond
Tingley Beach Building in the Background

Enjoying spring and how nature comes out to play!

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