Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Walk Through the Woods

Last night was Halloween.
Early this morning, daylight savings ended
and the clocks shifted back an hour.
The weather was cool but beautiful.
It was time to go out and see the fall trees!

I took Ella for a walk through the bosque
toward the Rio Grande from the Pueblo Montano Trailhead.

It was beautiful to observe how the trees had yellowing leaves.

The bushes over the irrigation arroyo were also turning fall colors.

Some leaves and plants were a dry brown
despite the rain we have experienced since this summer.

We walked through the woods down the direct trail
to the river.

There were many sunflowers that had lost their petals
and become dry flowers along the path.

We enjoyed the landscape as it was changing seasons
from summer into fall and winter.

The Rio Grande is lined with trees transitioning into fall.

We walked a short distance south from the bridge
and followed a short trail to the river.

We stood in the peace, listening to the cars on the bridge
and cranes around the river.

We heard the cranes, but only saw them flying briefly.
They were not as visible as the geese down the river.

Ella wondered how many of our friends
have seen the Rio Grande.

It was a blue sky day to see the trees and the river!

The moon was in the distance over the west.

As we walked back toward the trailhead,
we took a detour under the bridge
to the trails on the other side of the bridge.

These trees tend to show more evidence of being burned
in the fire of June 2003, but can also have more fall colors
in the group.

The time change felt like a change like starting a new year,
but it is still fall for a little while longer.

We are happy to see that it has fully arrived
where we live!

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