Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Farmer and the Turkey

 Barbie "Kelly" dolls were discontinued awhile ago,
but had a time of offering really cute character dolls.

This turkey costume is for Thanksgiving.

Some Kelly outfits fit PukiPukis like Amaya.
I thought I would try this one just for fun.


You want me to play the part of a turkey for Thanksgiving?!!!!

The original doll has blond hair and blue eyes.
Amaya welcomed her kindly.
Okay, she checked her out.

Many Kelly pants do not fit PukiPuki legs, which
are longer. The brown tights for this outfit are no exception.
I was not surprised, but the outfit does not look as good
on her without the bottoms. I am considering buying tights
or leggings to go with this outfit on Amaya, but they won't be here
by next week unless I am suddenly brilliant enough to sew this small.

I have a few Kelly dolls so outfits that don't work for Amaya
do have a place to go. I found out that the tights don't go up to the
crotch on Kelly dolls, either. I like the doll with brown hair,
so thought I'd try the turkey outfit on her.

Amaya made a deal.
How about I be the farmer, and you be the turkey?

That may work out for this year.


  1. oh I think that is just too cute with Amaya as the farmer. Pukis might be a little bigger than Felix Brownies, I have two brownies, and sometimes the Kelly outfits are a trifle big or small, depending on what doll they come off of. The Chelsea outfits sometimes SWIM on them. The Turkey kelly is cute, I do wish they would make the Chelseas as cute as they did the Kellys.

    1. I ordered tighter leggings in a darker natural orange and a pair in brown. Because they are from out of the country, I will be thrilled if they arrive by Christmas. The original outfit has cut felt for feet at the end of the tights. I may end up gluing or sewing cut felt feet to the bottom edge of the leggings I choose to use, and then having her shoes on under them. Then again, she may end up wearing her brown cowboy boots that are on their way!

      Not all of the Kelly dolls work. I have an outfit of capris that I really like on her, but they are too low for her actually sit in them and too loose for her to move in them without them falling down. I would not buy pants and expect them to fit her. Her legs are longer than Kelly's legs. I don't like Chelsea. She has painted on clothing and does not even have full outfits!