Friday, November 27, 2015

Migrating Sandhill Cranes

 Today's ADAD topic is "in the distance".
I drove a short distance away to where there is a preserved
field and a view of the cloud topped mountains in the distance.

I was surprised to find a flock of migrating sandhill cranes
feeding on the field!

I walked slowly and quietly with Ella and my camera in my hands.

A few cranes flew away, but most stayed
and did not fly away when they saw a person.

What a beautiful sight in the distance!

ADAD In the Distance

The cranes fed on the field, the late November trees
along the bosque have turned darker colors and are ready 
to loose their leaves, and the clouds hung low over the mountain.

We respected their space and honored their presence.

The migrating cranes are beautiful visitors!

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