Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Amaya's Fall

Monday, November 23rd was a parent/teacher conference day.
I took Amaya to work with me, but was too busy to play with her.

As I drove home from work, I thought of where I 
could take Amaya for some special pictures.
I went to the trailhead across the street.

The trees have continued to change with the fall season
and weather. Leaves are turning darker, more earthy
colors and falling.

Amaya stood on the post in front of the log carving
of the fire fighter. She thought she was bigger than
the fire fighter! 

On the other side of the fire fighter was a cottonwood
tree losing leaves. I remember being with Ella here in June,
and playing with the cottonwood pods from the green tree.

La Llorona was in front of a large tree still turning
from green to yellow.

La Llorona continues wander along the river at night,
crying for the loss of her child, and taking naughty children
to put in her bag.

 Amaya insisted that she has been a good elf girl

but she liked posing in front of La Llorona.

We walked around the sidewalk loop and took more photos
of the log carvings we often walk past first.

The sky was a clear, bright blue. Some trees are trimmed
and bare from the fire, but they are just a beautiful
as the full, living trees.

Amaya said that she hopes to go out more often.

We had a nice afternoon visit to the trailhead.

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