Sunday, November 15, 2015

Photo Background Images

I have an older, inexpensive Espon ink jet printer at home.
I am more likely to use it for periodic worksheets or parent letters
at home than as a primary way to create photo images.

I do use it occasionally to create backgrounds for my doll photos.
I had been using photo matte paper, and later, plain card stock paper
for backgrounds. But, yesterday, I decided to purchase glossy photo paper
at my local Staples office supply store. 

I found packages of Epson's Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper.
It was $21 for a packages of 25 sheets of paper, but there was a sign
next to it saying "Hot Deal" for a "buy one get one free" purchase.
It had expired two weeks ago. I told the clerk with an intention that they
could remove the expired signs, but he told me that they would honor the deal.
I was thrilled to get 50 sheets of the high quality photo paper for the price of 25!

Amaya, at 4 1/2 inches, is a good photo candidate for the full sheet prints
that are 8 1/2 inches wide on the side. The first image I printed out
reminded me of a trail near the Taos Ski Valley I once visited in late September.

The image below was the second image. It is of the inside courtyard at
El Rancho de Las Golondrinas, which is a living history museum in Santa Fe
 that I enjoy visiting during their open season (late May to early October).

The beehive shaped adobe structures with the fire in them are
the horno ovens. Horno ovens are traditional baking ovens that were heated
with fire. When the fire died down into ashes, the ashes were removed.
Bread products could then be baked in the hot ovens.

The adobe room behind the hornos is a Spanish colonial era kitchen.

The chile ristras in my printed background photo 
are not normally in rows over the roof line.
My guess is that they were made fresh for the October Harvest Festival
and were stored there until sold.

 The third image that I printed as a background was the front
of the rancho. This is an early 19th century architecture
with a gate that enters into a courtyard. The rooms are lined
up around the courtyard.

What is special about this photo is that the larger trees
would not have turned fall colors before the beginning of
November. As a living history museum, it closes its normal
business hours for the season the first weekend in October.
This photo would have been taken by a property care taker
or someone at a special event. 

I also printed out fall at the historic water powered mill
at El Rancho de las Golondrinas but have not used it
for a background yet.

This is an earlier video of mine of the water wheel
at the mill during a summer visit.

I am really enjoying having the high quality paper
that I can use to print backgrounds for doll photos.
But, I also consider that I am going to have to buy more ink
if I keep printing, and to save my photo paper and ink for images
that I really want to keep for a long time.

As another suggestion, I frequently use the images from old
calendars and from scrap book papers. While Amaya and Autumn
fit within an 8 1/2 inch wide image, Ella at 10 inches fits
better with 12 to 14 inch calendar images or scrap book paper.

As an example, this is Ella with a full page printed
sheet of a painting by artist Don Brackett.
Even on her knees, she is either too big for the image,
or the image is quite small!

This size image did seem to work for close ups
and when she was seated.

In this context, she looks like she is squashed in a box!

or she suddenly has very long legs!

She was still happy for the attention.

I am happy that as the weather gets colder and less
ideal for outdoor photos that I have another option
for background images for inside photos.
I am finding it to be another fun aspect to play with.

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