Thursday, May 26, 2016

Botanic Garden

On May 25th, we visited the botanic garden.
It a beautiful day with blue skies above and
flowers in the garden!

The roses are now blooming!

We didn't go into the greenhouses, but they are a symbol
of being in the botanic garden.

We looked across the main pond.
The butterfly garden/house is on the other side,
but the trees are now so big and full that it is hard to see!

The next exhibit we visited was the model train tracks.

There is a club of railroad models. The people in the club
are allowed to bring their trains to this garden track, but visitors
have a fence to view but not handle the trains.

Amaya would love to ride on a train
if she could sit down in one!

We sat down on the sidewalk nook by the pond at the end
of the model exhibit and waiting for the train.

As we sat quietly, I heard a quiet noise and movement in the pond.

I am glad I have a zoom on my camera!

After our time at the model railroad exhibit,
we went to Sasebo Japanese Garden.

They have a pond with large Koi Fish in it
and a beautiful waterfall!

Then, we noticed a bird on the other side.
Another visitor and photographer said it was
a Black Crowned Night Heron.

We walked around the pond to see the waterfall
from the deck on the other side.

There are a few streams and waterfalls
around the bigger pond.

Our Japanese garden is unique in that the plants
are local plants that can grow here, but other
architectural features leave the imprint of a Japanese garden.

Amaya posed again on the other side of the main
waterfall before we left the Japanese garden area.

The last area we visited was Heritage Farm.
It represents a 1920's-1940's farm in this area.

I love how the flowers grow here seasonally!

I posed Amaya on a post that wasn't quite even.
After a few poses and photos, she fell off the post!
She ended up face down, but fortunately it was not far
and on wood below, which must have been softer than concrete.
She was okay, but I wasn't doing that again!

We were near the house.

We walked up to the balcony,
and saw the arch covered with pink roses!

So, we went over to see them more closely.

We walked through the arch to the laundry display area
near a garden field and the barn.

I posed Amaya in the pocket of a small pair of jeans
for the second time.

Really? Can we go now?

It has been fun to visit, but....

We visited to the back of of the botanic garden,
and I ended up not taking anymore photos as we walked
through what we had already seen to leave.
It is summer vacation! We will be back again!

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