Wednesday, May 11, 2016

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla is a long time affluent coastal community north
of San Diego. One area where the cliffs descend to the ocean
is called La Jolla Cove.

Ella has a postcard of La Jolla, and so it became our second
most wanted place to visit. 

Although it is a bit of a drive from
the coastal community where I grew up, it was a nice place to visit
for picnics. The hill above it also has streets lined with fancy shops
and hotel where my family used to get together to eat lunch.

During this visit, being with the ocean was the place I most
wanted to be. Ella agreed, and learned a lot! There are seals on the
beach near the rock wall. The lifeguards continued to remind people
to stay away from the seals as they are wild animals. People got
very close to the seals for photos.

Seagulls are common around the ocean, but we don't
see them over the Rio Grande in New Mexico!
In elementary school, we ate lunch at tables outside.
Seagulls often flew around and near us to take what we dropped at lunch.

The top of the cliffs has grass and sidewalks for people
to walk along the ocean and enjoy the view.

This tree is a Monterey Cypress.
There used to be a grove of them along this cliff area.
This is the only one left in this area. When we visited on Saturday,
there was an event occurring behind a fence they placed up for their event,
so the tree was on the corner of their event.

I was disappointed to not photograph the tree by itself.
Dr. Seuss and his wife moved to La Jolla after World War II.
As he wrote children's books, this tree became his inspiration.

Dr. Seuss labeled his interpretation of his version of these trees
 the Truffula Tree.

Ella and I continued to enjoy the ocean as we walked
down the sidewalk.

She was brave and posed for a photo on a fence post!

In one area with access to the beach there is a steep
stairway and a collection of large ocean rocks.

Unlike rocks in the ground in places like New Mexico,
rocks with streams of water become smooth with erosion.

Ella smiled when we saw more seagulls!

We thoughtfully watched the ocean tides as we kept
walking south on the sidewalk.

The end of our walk was where there was a wall into the ocean.

People could not go down to the beach from
December 15-May 15 due to the mating and birth habits
of the harbor seals, but they enjoyed seeing them from above.

Seals are primarily swimmers. They do not move well
on land surfaces. 

After we observed this area, we turned around and walked
back up north. It turned into another viewpoint.

We saw the Monterey Cypress again!

We returned to the main cove area where my parents,
who had each chosen what they wanted to do in La Jolla,
came to pick me up.

This is the area where people swim.
There are divers diving in the cove water.

It has a long history of visitors!

Ella loved the ocean, but did not want to get so close!

Many visitors also walked down on the rocks where
the sea lions were. 

The sea lions are more mobile on land.
They also have ear flaps.
And I really love my zoom where I could take good photos
without being so close!

We watched the rocks below near the cove
while waiting for my parents to pick us up.

Ella groaned.
NOW the sky was blue!!!

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  1. Beautiful! I did not know about Dr. Seuss and the tree. That is cool!