Sunday, May 22, 2016

The 90th Anniversary of Route 66

The Albuquerque Museum recently opened an exhibit
on Route 66. It is the 90th anniversary!

Unfortunately, as a short-term exhibit,
I was not able to photograph the actual exhibit.
These are some photos from Google that I liked
and felt represented some of what was seen in the museum.

Route 66 was established in November of 1926.
It was a major path for people traveling west.

In New Mexico, Route 66 originally went north
through Santa Fe before returning south. 

In 1937, it was made more direct 
by going through Albuquerque.
The below image shows Central Avenue (Route 66)
with the north/south 4th Street (pre-1937 Route 66).

The north side of this section of 4th street is now closed
off as a recreational, shopping and entertainment area.

There are a lot of signs to show the way for Route 66!

One of the main features for Route 66 seems to
the hotels and motels that hosted people traveling
long distances by car.

The El Vado Motel is across the street from the
Botanic Garden I visit frequently. It is now closed
and fenced off. I hope some restoration and use will
save this historic motel. 

There are many historic motels 
down Route 66 in Albuquerque.

Other states also had motels that drew interest
and attention!

The Great Depression in the 1930's was a time of travel
as people left places like Oklahoma to California in search of work.

Places for gas and car repair were essential stops
for people traveling along Route 66 in early vehicles.

There were shops that sold souvenirs and other goods
to travelers along Route 66.

In the Southwest, Native American Trading Posts
were a part of what was found on the side of the road
down rural areas and main city streets.

The history of Route 66 seems varied across time
as people used it for meaningful travel for jobs
and saving their lives in times of poverty and hardship
 or later for recreational travel and fun.
It has been a part of our history, art, and culture.

There are many helpful books to share photos and information
for each region and for the history of Route 66.
One of my favorites is by American Girl for Molly,
but there are many with more information for adults.

I happen to have the souvenirs by American Girl
for Molly. I hold a long time interest in Route 66
and was eager to go to the museum today.

It was well worth visiting. There are events scheduled,
and this exhibit will be there until October.
I can't wait to go again!

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