Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Going to the Zoo...

Last week's "Toy Sunday" theme was "Bird Watching".
Autumn really wanted to go to the zoo to watch
and be photographed with the colorful birds!

The flamingos are in the front of the zoo.

The last day at the local public schools is
on Wednesday. I ended up not going to the zoo last week
due to field trip groups going to the zoo at the end of the school year,
so Autumn's photo was not used for the theme
due a few days ago.

I also waited until lunch time to wait for the public school groups
to leave the zoo.

It was hotter than I preferred for walking around outside.
It is time for summer vacation!

There also were a number of animals eating, not on exhibit,
or taking a middle of the day nap!

My visit was much shorter and had fewer photos
than usual. But, I swear we did go to the zoo!

Jasmine is a young elephant about 3 years old.
She played with a stick in her exhibit
before returning to her mother.

It is the time of year when swimming is becoming
more attractive!

The cuddly koala bear was one of many animals
resting this time of day, but was visible.

We walked around a bit, and sat down to rest in the heat
a few times, but Autumn hoped to be photographed with
a peacock.

Colorful Autumn with a color peacock!

Autumn posed where she could safely stand alone,
and it was time to go home.

Next time we go to the zoo, it will be much
earlier in the morning when they open.
The temperatures will be cooler and more animals
should be more active earlier in the day.

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