Monday, August 4, 2014

Of Dolls and Companions

This started out as a comparison
between two eyes.
I believe that both pairs are
Glastic Blue Gray Eyes,
although I may be wrong about Mikayla's eyes.
They are gray blue.
I am now uncertain as to whether these eyes were 
made by different companies,
or by the same company with a time span
of 5 years in between;
with some changes to the design,
or perhaps not quite the same color, but close.

Mikayla is the Lati Green Coco
who has lived with me since March 2009.
This is her original home.
I chose her wig and her eyes.
And once upon a time, she had many adventures.

I love the feel and weight of her resin self,
but she is noticeably a greenish yellowish.
She looks ill, especially around her limbs.

Although she is still loved,
I can see why it was time to adopt another BJD.

I love my Ante's size,
and how well she holds a pose.
I tried to find a look that was not a copy of Mikayla's look.
They still perhaps look like sisters.

Ante says she is waiting for her magical name.
Perhaps as Mikayla passes the travel doll companion
roll on to Ante, it will come with the breath of the crickets in the night.

It is with sadness that I see Mikayla's aging self,
and her less than ideal condition for play,
yet I am thrilled to have a new Ante
to start a new adventure.

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