Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Sunday at the Botanic Garden

Today, I got to go OUT!!!!

I have an annual pass to our Bio Park,
which includes the Botanic Garden,
Aquarium on the same site, and the zoo.
I thought I would take my Ante out
for a little adventure at the Botanic Garden...
you know... to take just a few photos.

This flower is bigger than I am!!!!

The trees are so big and green
that I can't even see the barn!

I set her on a large stone under the apple trees.
A young man became curious,
so I explained to him a bit about BJDs,
Fairyland doll and LittleFees.
He took a few photos of her,
including face close-ups.

Wow! Am I a celebrity?
I think I just made a new friend!

The stone is one of four stones labeling the seasons.
I tried out her ability to stand on an uneven surface.

Pink and Purple Flowers

I love pink and purple!!!

Heritage Farm

This place is really green!

Do you like adobe farm houses?

I found an old box on the porch.
I tried standing on it, but then I tripped and fell.
I thought I'd try a cute seated position instead.

The barn has a cow, sheep and a goat.

Chickens also roam around.
We found some in the orchard.

The apples grown in the apple orchard are used
to make fresh cider and other apple products
sold in the produce barn one weekend in October.

They also have a small grape vineyard.

The train went by along the edge of the Japanese Garden.

This costumed couple walked past me,
noticing my doll.
I talked to them for a few minutes.

They are wearing these costumes in honor of their
wedding anniversary.
Last year, they were married in these outfits
in a Celtic/Fairy/Elf themed wedding.

Would you mind having your photo taken with my doll?

The Train Tracks into the Heritage Farm Area

The train came back around again later.

Sasebo Japanese Garden

Photo Op!
Am I not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Look, I can hang on tight
and not fall off the bamboo railing!

Behind the Fence

The Waterfall

More practice standing on uneven surfaces.

Japanese Lanterns/Art

Other Side of the Waterfall

Bamboo Lined Path
The end of the Sasebo path.

I'm hot.
I'm thirsty!
I'm ready to go home!

Okay, but we have to walk back to the entrance/exit.


See you next time!
Thanks for sharing my visit with me!

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