Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Big Girl Room...Again

I have found that one of the aspects of playing with a new doll
is getting STUFF.

Ella's clothes and shoes have been in a gallon sized
plastic bag for about 2 weeks.
I have been meaning to get a paper mache
trunk from the craft store for her.
Today, I found one.

Her clothes and shoes are filed in sandwich sized bags
 to preserve law and order in the trunk
and to make it easier to find what I am looking for.

Does that mean I am getting more stuff?
Can I fill this box?

Ella also has wanted a bed.
She has pajamas.
She wanted the bed.
I thought about a variety of options,
but I am running out of space,
so I pulled out the prettiest bed I have in her size, 
which happens to be Mikayla's old bed.

I thought of creating a new room box,
or redesigning the covers on an Amish bed I also have,
but in the end, this was the easiest option
that uses the space and furnishings that I already own.

This room is on the top floor of a larger dollhouse.
The placement of the photos on the wall and colors
were all chosen to work with this bed and dresser
in this placement in the room.

I made it long ago for my 12 inch Lati Green, Mikayla.
She had a Strombecker rocking chair.
She sat
in the corner, 
and eventually became yellowed and dusty
from the sliding glass door/screen near the dollhouse,
which allowed in the light and dust of New Mexico.

I moved all of my Latis out of this dollhouse
in order to better protect them from light and dust
and have devoted the whole space to my vinyl
8 inch Heartstring dolls.

Mikayla's old room was kept in tact
as far as the flooring and items on the wall.
The furniture was traded out to create
a girl themed playroom.

I will not leave Ella in this room,
but for the sake of play and taking photographs,
this room has been set up again at least for now.

Ella has the bed and the dresser of Mikayla's room
and the display shelf from the play room,
which now holds the items that Mikayla
had on her dresser.

That is a really sad story.

I trust you to keep me safe.
Can I get some stuff to put on the dresser?

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