Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Doll A Day At Home

We have enjoyed some time inside this week,
and it is reflected in our "ADAD" photo project.

Do you still have Halloween candy?
Heck, yes!

Heck, yes!

 It is time to get dressed.

ADAD 10:
I Do This Every Day

Not so much a set as a collection,
but I have managed to find some sweet Southwestern miniatures
 in New Mexico.
Petrogylph magnet, pottery plate, pottery bowl,
colcha embroidered bag, drum from Taos Drum Company
(the bowl is on the drum),
miniature postcards of Santa Fe and Taos,
Little Critterz roadrunner.

A Set

This is normal:
Hey, we aren't doing anything! Take my picture!
The bookshelf has souvenirs and memories from my past,
from the books collected to the photo of my cat (1993-2003).
The wooden box she is sitting on is from El Rancho de Las Golondrinas.


Is it too early to send a letter to Santa Claus?


Love from a lavender colored felt kitten I purchased
years ago on eBay.

For Me

I made "Chile the Snowman" years ago for an online
doll themed contest.
He is made from white celluclay/paper mache clay.
His coal eyes, carrot nose, red mouth, and twig arms
were made from polymer clay.
I made his vest out of felt. It has applique chiles on it.
Chile completes his Southwestern Snowman look
with a cowboy hat and bolo tie.

What I like about this picture:
Chile is a hot/spicy staple in New Mexico.
Cold accents include acrylic ice cubes,
and the blue cast on the white foam core from afternoon shadows.
It is getting darker earlier, and getting cooler...

Hot and Cold

Happy Mid-November!

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  1. Happy mid-November to you too. I absolutely LOVE Ella's cardigan! It is really cute.