Saturday, November 29, 2014

Santa in Santa Fe

Grandma invited us for a special trip out!
We met in Santa Fe.

We spent some time in the area in and around the plaza.

The best thing I saw on the plaza was Santa!!!!

Santa is one awesome guy!
He was helping the Santa Fe Fire Department
raise money for toys for children.

Across the street from Santa,
there was a store that had toy carousels in the window!

I could see Santa over the toys in the window
from inside the shop.

Hmm...maybe I really want a toy vintage fire truck
for Christmas!

We finally left the plaza area.
This beautiful building in the New Mexico Museum of Art.

There is lots of art in Santa Fe.
The thoughtful woman didn't seem to mind
that I posed in her lap.

We walked past the Georgia O'Keefe Museum
on the way to lunch.

No... this is an old Victorian house.
It is not the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.

The Georgia O'Keefe Museum is next door to the Victorian.

After lunch, we walked through the Hilton Hotel in Santa Fe.
It is housed in a historic hacienda.
This peaceful fountain is in an inner courtyard.
It is on the site of the original well.

I love fountains!

The Hilton has more New Mexican art in the lobby
and in the hallways.

My person stayed here for a few nights last spring.
She wanted to add that the rooms are nice and comfortable, too.She recommends this hotel if you are visiting Santa Fe,
although there are many nice hotels around the Santa Fe plaza.

This weekend after Thanksgiving found the Christmas
decorations gathering for the December celebration in Santa Fe.

I love these soft, Pendleton style blankets.
Grandma said they were made of micro-fibers.
Traditional Pendleton blankets are made with wool.

Mom said I had bad posture and was not sitting
in a way that was very ladylike. least I didn't slide off the blankets!

Grandma likes window shopping, except sometimes she goes inside.
So me and mom looked and buildings in Santa Fe.

but the art is really interesting.

I thought it had to be about nap time,
so we headed back to the car.

I heard the fire engines coming.
I got to wave to Santa again!!!

Our last stop was the St. Francis Cathedral.

Santa Fe is definitely "The City Different"!
I hope to come back again soon!


  1. Never mind falling off the blankets, at least you didn't fall into the fountain!! (Not that any doll would do THAT!) Great pictures, looks like a great day was had! :)

  2. must be referring to dear Jubilee taking a dive into a fountain in Florida! Yeah.... we don't stand where we can't fall! I had a nice time with my mom, and Santa Fe is always a wonderful photo op!

  3. Great photos. Looks like you had a great time.