Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Back

What a busy fall weekend,
with Halloween on Friday night,
and the end of Daylight Saving on Sunday.

After wearing a witch costume for a week,
Ella was eager to get back into something more colorful.
Her new boots arrived in the mail, and she stepped out of October
and into November.

You did WHAT on Halloween?

I confess.
I ordered a PukiPuki Ante directly from Fairyland.
I am in for the full experience of getting a new doll,
including an expected 4-5 month wait!

Mine won't be an elf like this one is,
but they are so cute!!!!

My pumpkins are still out on my balcony,
although I'm putting the Halloween decorations away.
I don't carve my pumpkins. I keep them through Thanksgiving.

Well, we tried to be composed.
Here is my wild-haired child!

More Fall Portraits:

November started off gray and moody with periodic winds and rain.
Trees are reaching their peak with golden leaves,
yet some are still turning from green to gold;
reminding us that change is a process of learning to let go.

In a few weeks, more trees will be transformed into winter bare branches,
but for now, it is fall.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! A Pukipuki Ante! Elf or human it doesn't matter, we are just the cutest things on the planet (right next to a Littlefee Ante of course!).