Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ochre Sunday

The forest along the Rio Grande is called the bosque.
The changing colors in the bosque are one of the things 
I love about fall!

The colors on the cottonwood trees are fading from brilliant yellow
to a golden ochre.
It was time for a walk in the bosque to see the fall colors!

The trail starts with a picnic area dotted with carved tree trunks;
a tribute to the firefighters who saved the bosque from a terrible fire!

My favorites are the roadrunner and La Llorona!

La Llorona looks for her lost children along the river.

We proceeded on the trail toward the Rio Grande.

Some trees were covered with leaves that were already a dried brown, 
ready to fall to the ground.

Other trees were still yellow,
with some shades of green remaining.

A dried sunflower spoke of the beauty of the coming winter.

Ella posed with the bridge, fall trees,
and the mountains in the distance.

We reached the Rio Grande.
I was disappointed to have missed the brilliance of
golden trees along the river.

This tree is waiting to turn yellow!

We decided not to follow the trail south
along the river.

On our way back to the trail head,
we found a fork in the road!

Ella thought she had found the place where she had posed in September.

Yep! It is fall!

Thank you, firefighters, for saving our forest!

Same trail, two months ago:

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