Saturday, November 8, 2014

ADAD or Something Like That

I enjoyed the October photo project for "A Doll a Day"
so I joined a new group for November photos.

In the past, I have gone out of my way to take a photo
per day and to not get behind no matter what my life looks like.
This month, I am taking a more casual "real life" approach.
Get caught up, get ahead, do it when it works.

ADAD 1: Something Blue

ADAD 2: I Saw This!

ADAD 3: Weather

ADAD 4: I Can't Live Without

ADAD 5: 8 o'clock

ADAD 6: Made Me Smile

ADAD 7: On the Floor

ADAD 8: A Place

Ella's November ADAD Album:

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