Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dollhouse Story

When I was in the 8th grade, I turned my science fair project boards
into a four room dollhouse decorated with the old 1970's wallpaper
remnants stored in the closet.

When I was 15, for Christmas my parents bought me a 
beautiful, high quality, unfinished wood dollhouse.
I painted it, shingled it, applied wallpaper, and assembled
a few furniture kits.

I had it with me in my apartment through my late 20's,
but when I moved to New Mexico,
I knew I did not have the room in my new apartment
for a large dollhouse, 
so I left it with my dad in our childhood home.
After 15 years, my dad gave it away to a 7 year old girl.

I could have stopped him, but I realized that I have a variety
of doll room boxes and a large cubical "dollhouse" unit
in my apartment and did not see myself ever being able
to bring it to New Mexico.
Sometimes, I have regretted that decision,
and the loss of a high quality dollhouse.

So, here I am contemplating dollhouses again.
Country Cottage
Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts
Sold through Norm's Dollhouse

This high quality Country Cottage would be just right
for a single PukiPuki.
It is a do-able project that won't require as much as a larger
house in terms of finishing it and furnishing it.

Country Cottage
Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts
Sold through Norm's Dollhouse

But, this story doesn't end there.

Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts
Sold Through Norm's Dollhouse

This dollhouse, called the Fairplay,
has an interior layout that is very similar to the one
I once had.

If I wanted to replace the dollhouse I lost,
I could purchase this model.
The funny thing is, I see how I had set up my original dollhouse
as a teen-ager and young adult.
I remember how I had decorated it,
and I really don't want to repeat something of long ago.
I don't really want a dollhouse where I don't feel and see 
the creativity of today.
Practically speaking, I don't need this,
and it feels weird to want to replace and repeat
the past in seeking to finish this and furnish this as I had the other.

Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts
Sold Through Norm's Dollhouse

What I value in dollhouses is quality.
I like a quality that feels good.

Through Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts,
I feel assured that quality dollhouses can still be purchased today.

And I can remember the old dollhouse as something that
was shingled and painted and wallpapered and decorated
by my teen-age self.
Sometimes sparse or incomplete, sometimes imperfect.
It is just one of many dollhouses.

Now I am an adult with a car, an income, and the internet.
It is a new world for collectors.
And it is perfectly okay to start with a new vision.


Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts

Sold Through

Norm's Dollhouse

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  1. This is so cool. I am so totally excited for you. The Cottage is great. That is one lucky Puki Puki you've got, coming home to a house like that!!!