Sunday, October 19, 2014

Doll Meet

Today, we met some new friends,
and became re-acquainted with some friends
from years ago.

No, not just the very little kind!
We went to a Doll Meet with wonderful local people
and their BJD companions.

We gathered around the table,
and took pictures and chatted.

Well, maybe we should at least do a group shot...

How about some individual close-ups?

More chatting....
and maybe the tree would be a good spot for photos....

What a good looking bunch!

And then, a moment of weirdness....
There had been a group at a child's birthday party
in the park near us.
Two girls came up and asked about our dolls.
I shared a bit, and off they went.

Later, another girl from the party came up to our table.
We shared a bit, and then I let her know that we were having
grown up time and it was time to go back to her family.

Before the party left for the afternoon,
a few more adults and children came up to our table
and asked us about the dolls.
By that time, we felt that our privacy
was being intruded upon.

It is a funny thing being an adult with an unusual hobby.
I sometimes get curious and interested comments from strangers
when I am alone, but my greatest judgment has been my fear of their
judgment of me.

Sitting around a park table, our greatest judgment
was not our fear of what others thought of us,
but the annoyance that strangers felt comfortable
coming into our space to ask about our dolls.
After all, we did not go ask them about their birthday party..

But, it was fun talking to others to have the same interests
and who were willing to chat about everything from mellowing resin
to the experience of  having people cross a personal sense of space
to express a curiosity in what we were doing.

We hope to do it again soon!


  1. Did you two enjoy your time despite the looky-loos?

  2. Yes, it was a lot of fun actually talking to people about BJD terms instead of just writing them! We also talked about a lot of things. It was an interesting perspective to go from wondering if other people think I'm weird or odd for having a doll out in public to experiencing other people who seemed to think that our having dolls was an invitation for them to intrude upon our private party. We all felt uncomfortable with the unwanted visitors and their lack of understanding that we did not want their attention.