Friday, October 24, 2014

eXcavation part 2

ADAD 24: 10/24/14
X is for eXcavation

Well, I thought it was a clever use of an "X".

Back to the Bones
Look! Two skulls and jaw bones!

Hmmmm...that's all?

Can you help me get these other pieces out of the clay brick?

Dust off these pieces...

I am such a strong paleontologist! 

Yes, this takes a lot of persistence and strength!

My Recommendation:
If you choose to do a "Dino Dig", be forewarned
that they can be very messy!
The best thing I did in this project was to use a low edged
cardboard box, remove the lid flaps,
line it with aluminum foil, and then put the cardboard flaps
back along the bottom.

When I am done, the whole dust pile can be discarded.

Meanwhile, back at the dig...
two skulls, a rib/front hand piece, and a leg piece
have been dug out.
More pieces of this two dinosaur set are visibly
sticking out of the clay brick, waiting to be revealed.

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