Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Mom's Quilts

When I was young, my mom was a weaver.
Then, she moved to Hawaii for a few years.
She started quilting.
My mom quilts like a weaver.
She has an eye for colors and abstract patterns.

I asked for a doll sized quilt for my birthday in 2013. 
She sent me this one. She was living in Hawaii at the time,
thus the hula girls, mermaids, fish and palm trees.



She also sent a seam ripper and thread clippers
with Japanese writing on them.

When I saw her for my birthday in the early fall,
she showed me the top for this quilt, and asked if I wanted it.
Heck, yeah! She finished up this larger lap sized quilt and sent it to me.

(front and back)

I asked for a blue, pink and purple doll quilt
for Ella for my birthday this fall.
She sent me some fabric, but I have a feeling that
she didn't quite connect with my request.
Maybe for Christmas. 

I asked for a quilt about 15 inches square, 
figuring that was about the size of one quilt block.
It is an interesting perspective that she makes these beautiful,
larger quilts, but it is a challenge to work on something smaller.

I can sew basic doll clothes pieces for dolls 6 1/4 inches through 14 inches,
but I could not imagine going any bigger!

Qu is for Quilt
R is for Seam Ripper
Theme-My Mom's Quilts


About 15 years ago, I started my doll journey with the
American Girls. One 3 day weekend, I sewed the green doll quilt
(image in the album linked below)
in the spirit of pioneer girls like Kirsten and Laura Ingalls.
From there, I explored a bit of quilting for dolls.
My eyesight lost some of the detail, and I started to prefer
to sew panels instead of quilt squares.
I did make some quilts after I adjusted to my vision.
I really am not a brilliant quilter. I do it for fun,
and most of the time, I prefer to sew doll clothes.

Picasa Album with My Doll Quilts

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