Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ella's Dance

I have a long weekend off from work,
appropriately called "Fall Break",
so I am taking a break to shift into fall.

I started out this morning purchasing small tabletop lights
used for indoor photography.
They will arrive tomorrow night, so I will have more time
to play and experiment over the weekend.

2 Light Photography
Table Top Photo
Studio Lighting Kit 

I love taking photos of my dolls year round,
but can become especially frustrated in the fall and winter
when the light shifts enough to make for darker photos.
I may eventually end up with a light tent for small item photography,
but for now, I purchased 2 lights and 2 sheets of white foam core board.

I have used foam core board for walls and flooring for years.
I can tape temporary backgrounds
(scrap book paper, old calendar pages, printed images from online),
or use spray glue adhesive or spray paint to create permanent
backgrounds in different colors or materials (art paper).

After purchasing the lights online,
I purchased a pack of 2 sheets of Elmer's foam core board,
which has a matte finish instead of a shiny poster board finish.
It is a little more expensive, but I love this quality foam core board!

For fun and for comparison with the new lights,
I decided to take these photos.
They were taken in the evening while there was still natural light,
near a sliding glass door, and under a small low watt lamp on a bookshelf above.
No camera flash was used.

While Ella was standing there,
I realized what a great surface it was for posing her!
It is both flat enough to balance on and soft enough to fall on.

I also really want to become more comfortable with
how Ella moves because it will make her more animated as a companion.

And so she started to wiggle...

...and dance...

...and come to life... it grew a bit darker outside...

...and the lamp and shadows became more visible.

Maybe tomorrow night,
when we can play with the new lights,
she will stay up all night dancing!

It is over?

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  1. LOL It looks like Ella had a lot of fun! I love the posing ability of the Littlefee; I think it is the best even out of the Fairyland dolls. :D

    I'm interested in seeing how the lights work out for you!