Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Moment of Fame with ADAD

On October 2nd,
I joined "A Doll A Day" (ADAD) photo group
for the month of October.

The daily themes for the group are the alphabet,
and then the numbers 1-5.
I teach kindergarten, and the alphabet is my life right now.
And then, I looked around and saw that I have STUFF
that start with letters in the alphabet!
I was inspired!

But, hey... it was already October 2nd!
Time to get started!
Ella was in her Spampy pajamas,
so I photographed her with a teddy bear.

B is for Bear

Hmmm... I needed an "A" to backtrack for October 1st.
I have a wooden apple and a few apple themed images around it.
I could do that...
but then, there is art in my dollhouse!

A is for Art

I added my images to the group.
There! Off to a good start!
Then, in the morning, my photo had a comment
congratulating me for being in "Explore" on Flickr.
My photo had received more than 3,800 views.

Now, 24 hours later, it has had more than 9,000 views.
This really is not my best photo.
I took it to get caught up with the group,
knowing that not every photo has to be my best.
I don't know how photos end up in the larger "Explore" pool,
but it was quite an honor to be chosen,
and to have so many views of one of my photographs.

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