Saturday, January 3, 2015

Aquarium Visit

After 2 weeks of cold temperatures and inside play,
it was time to go out.
I went out for a drive to look for somewhere interesting to visit.
Ella and I ended up at the Aquarium.

The exhibit by the door features two aquarium tanks.
One tank has the types of fish that were once found in the Rio Grande
through the Albuquerque area.
The other tank features fish that are found in the river today.

The bridge and car set the scene for Albuquerque's past.

There is another river display transitioning into the other areas.

Gulf From the Past Tank

Two young crocodiles were new to the aquarium!

As they get larger, I predict that they will be moved to the zoo.

Next, we found a window to the sting ray tank.

Look at the fish and sting rays!

Did you see that?!!!!

Picture Perfect

The top of the sting ray tank is up a ramp,
so the bridge and car can also be seen.

We went down the hallway into an area with smaller tanks.
We loved the sea horses!

The shell wall displays a variety of types of shells.
Ella was seated securely in an abalone shell!

The jellyfish were fascinating!

The Pacific Reef is a dome shaped tank over a hallway.

The Atlantic Coral Reef is up against the shark tank,
but divided from it.
The label above Ella's head is a reflection in the glass
of a sign in front of the tank.
Love the shark in the background!

The shark tank is at the end of the aquarium.
It is always very popular!

Sharks move very quickly!

When we were satisfied with our visit,
it was time to go.

It is good to get out and find things to do!

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  1. It looks like you and Ella had a fun day out at the aquarium. I think Ella was rather brave standing so close to the shark tank!