Monday, January 19, 2015

Playing "Snow Day"

Today is Martin Luther King Day,
which I consider to be a time of reflection on the
freedoms that we have and the work that needs to be done
in all beings seeing each other as equals and treating each other as such.

It is also a day off from work,
and my two Fairyland companions decided
to pretend that it was a snow day.

Today's ADAD theme is "Ice".
Amaya decided to be the subject of this photo,
seeking "ice" when there is none outside.

ADAD 19: 1/19/15 Ice
Would you like some ice cream?

Ice Cream on Acrylic Ice Cubes

Meanwhile, Jenifer of "Spampy Stuff"
called it a "snow day" and asked for photos
to be shared on her Facebook group.

Ella grabbed an Ann Estelle outfit
and Chile the Snowman to join in on the game.

Snow, rain, or shine, 
we wish you all a time of play
and a time of reflection.


  1. I guess you don't often get snow where you are, so the kids have to make their the form of icecream which sounds good to me !
    Like the acrylic icecubes too :)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. It snowed earlier in the week. It actually snowed heavy enough to have a 2 hour delay for school on Wednesday, but by the time we came home in the afternoon, it had melted. Most of the winter, we can get freezing temperatures, but it is too dry for snow. Today is dry and sunny out!