Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bright Walk

Today's ADAD theme is "Bright".
Ella and Amaya dressed in bright clothes
and went outside to find a bright photo opportunity.

They posed to get their picture taken in the shade
where the sun would not be overly bright.

I love comparing their size difference!

After a few photos and some play,
they noticed brightly colored rocks in the grass.
They appear to be rocks from a fish bowl.
How did they get there?

Ella found a bright pink rock shaped like a heart!
This was certainly bright and interesting!

Just in case, the photos in the shade were not bright enough,
they went to a tree that was in the sun.

Both Ella and Amaya are bright!

It was nice to get out for awhile.
It is dry and sunny out.
There is no snow on the ground,
but it is still January cold!

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