Tuesday, January 6, 2015

School Day

I am an elementary teacher,
and transitioning back to work after Christmas break
has had its own distractions.
I still want to play!

Since Amaya now has nice, winter clothes,
I took her to work for today's ADAD photo.

Before the students arrived,
Amaya helped me with the calendar.

Today is January 6, 2015!

She explored the world at recess.

Then, she helped me set up for the next lesson.

Before lunch, I was playing with my iPhone.
I ended up showing my photos to a few of my students.
We played a deductive reasoning game.
"Where was this picture taken?"
"Where is my doll?"

Yes! She is here at school! Maybe I will show you later!
At the end of the day, Amaya helped with crafts
and made some new friends who were delighted to meet her.

The real reason I brought Amaya to school
was for the ADAD photo with the theme "outdoors".
Our school playground is more interesting than where I live,
which I have photographed many times.
At the end of my duty day, I took her outside.

I love the dome structure on our playground!

We also have a fabulous view of the city.

Amaya tried out the rock wall before it was time to leave.

I was ready to go home and play!

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  1. Yay for teachers! And an even bigger yay for teachers with dolls!